Paul vs. Iverson

Jeremy and I started brainstorming by comparing our different interests. We came across the realization that we were both interested in basketball. From there, we decided to either focus on one basketball player, a basketball team, or compare two different players. We came to the conclusion to do a comparison between Chris Paul and Allen Iverson because that yielded the best opportunity to appeal to a wider audience, and an infographic comparing two players allowed the audience to receive more useful information.

This infographic is directed toward basketball fans. Fans of all sports might view the infographic, but majority of the viewers will be people that are genuinely interested in basketball. Since the target audience already has much knowledge on the sport, we didn’t have to go in to as much detail on some areas of the infographic. For example, we just wrote “ppg” in the regular season stats section because followers of basketball will know that this stands for points per game. We also only wrote field goal percentage in the percentage category of the infographic. To some people, this terminology might not make sense; our audience will know that field goal percentage is the percentage of the number of shots a player makes out of the number of shots he takes.

The title of our infographic is Paul vs. Iverson: Who’s the Best Point Guard. Although this is the title of the infographic, Jeremy and I aren’t trying to make an argument that one point guard is better than the other. The purpose of the infographic is to organize the information in structured way so that it is easier for our audience to compare the two players. From there, the viewer can make his or her decision on who is the better point guard. The title is to simply catch the audiences attention so that they will be more inclined to view the infographic.

Jeremy found captivating pictures to catch the audiences attention.  The pictures had different colors, which was good because it allowed us to divide the infographic into two portions. We chose to have the players in the pictures at the top of the infographic facing each other because it creates symmetry and looks better overall than if they were in opposite directions. The pictures set us up to have a good versus infographic. A versus style infographic is the best way for our target audience to compare the two players.

We chose the color schemes from the teams that each player played for. We chose the colors that made the infographic easy to read and pleasing to look at. For each player, we kept their color the same throughout the infographic. Since Chris Paul’s picture at the top of the infographic had a background color of red, we continued to apply that color to all of the charts that were associated with him. We also alternated background colors. By switching background color from manila to gray, each section can be easily distinguished from the one above and/or below.

In the middle section, we talk about the stats and percentages of Iverson and Paul. Just by glancing at the infographic, a viewer can tell that the stats section has two different parts because there are pie charts and bar graphs. We chose bar graphs for points, assists, rebounds, and steals because it allowed for an easy comparison between the two players. Bar graphs also allowed us to display multiple data sets simultaneously. Using pie charts to compare the percentages was the best option to visually enhance the infographic. A viewer can look at the infographic and quickly tell if Paul or Iverson shot a better percentage depending on which players’ circle is more filled with their team color. If it’s too close to tell, the pie chart also provides the exact percentage.

In the last section, we thought it would be creative to use trophies to list out the number of times each player received a certain award. For example, Allen Iverson won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award one time so he has one one trophy icon beside that category. The trophies allow a viewer to quickly count the accolades, and they act as a nifty symbol for actual trophies.


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