Which Network is Best For You?

english infographic


It took a while for us to decide what topic we would choose for our infographic. We decided from the start that our infographic would have to do with data. We decided to do an infographic about data since it would make such a good conversion to an info infographic because so much of it is quantifiable. At first we thought about doing something about google, but with such a large company we found it very difficult to decide what part of google we would like to display with the info graphic. Then we thought of comparing different cellular plans. This felt like a very easy topic for an infographic since the companies are so easily comparable and there is a lot of data on each company. Since we had to simplify how we are comparing the companies we picked their 4G LTE service to compare. We decided that the best way to compare each companies’ service was to take a map of the companies 4G LTE service and then give some data about the companies. We decided the best color palate would be to take each companies colors and then use a lighter version so it is not so shocking to the eye. Then we used a grey-white background to pull together the entire infographic. The only time we used the bright version of each companies color was for the data since this would draw the eye to it. We also matched the color of the data circles with the data points on the map to add a symmetry to the infographic. The information itself is presented in a very symmetrical easy to understand way. We gave each cellular service its own box and then placed all the data in the same place for each company so it is simple to go back and forth between different services and comparing the three. This infographic is meant to be used by anyone in the United States trying to decide which cell carrier to use. The infographic will only be useful for a few month after it is made since all the data on cellular services is constantly changing, but until then it has a very broad spectrum of people it could be useful for. It is unfortunate that the infographic will only be useful for a short amount of time, but since it gives information on a decision that almost every person has to make when decided which cellular company to choice than it was still worth making.

By: Chukwudera Mojekwu and Conor Stewart

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