The Video Game Industry: Why Mario is a Millionaire


Reflection can be found below:

Initially, coming up with a working topic was a bit of a challenge: Charlie and I had problems trying to focus our energies into one substantial subject with a decent bit of information to make an infographic off of. We had originally planned on doing something movie-related (we came very close to making a Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit infographic), but we scrapped our older plans in favor of working with video gamer demographics. Charlie and I are as big gamers as we are Lord of the Rings fans, so designing an infographic on “who plays games” would be just as easy to give form. The infographic we have developed compiles a good bit of 2013 and all time digital game demographics into a short and concise set of images that provides ease of access to statistic hunters and people generally interested in the subject matter.

Charlie and I quickly assumed roles in the task of designing the infographic: Charlie took on creating the visuals and piecing together its style, while I focused on acquiring data, demographics and statistics, bringing on the more concrete elements of our graphic. I was also the one who searched for the source URLs.

Our infographic makes use of various charts and diagrams, as well as an easy-on-the-eyes color format to represent the number data in visual form. Simply reading a list of numbers doesn’t help a reader understand the meaning of those numbers unless they are presented in a user-friendly style.

Example Portion 1:

Gender Demographic

We included a gender demographic to disprove the thought that there are is a large disparity between male and female gamers by population. However, in recent years (perhaps thanks to the prevalence of mobile platforms like the Nintendo 3DS and app-based games for tablets and smartphones), female gamers have quickly caught up in number to the men.

Example Portion 2:

What Games

There are a lot of different genres of gaming, and it’s unusual to find two people with the exact same set of gaming interests.

Example Portion 3:


The gaming industry’s bestsellers are dominated by Nintendo, and stand out as icons of the greater feats of video gaming as a medium.

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