Should You Really Drive?

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When picking a topic for our infographic we wanted to choose something that interested both of us, as well as appeal to a large number of people, so we took the transportation from my Pecha-Kucha and the aerospace from Norris’s and decided to make an infographic about how planes are the best form of transportation.  We did this by making both an implicit and explicit argument. We first used a flow chart to implicitly show viewers that air travel is the best way to travel in most cases. This flow chart posed many of the questions that travelers must ask themselves before deciding on a mode of transportation. We used these questions to steer viewers to the mode of transport that we thought would work for them best, and for most trips that was traveling by plane. By asking viewers questions they ask themselves they are more likely to agree with our suggestions and arguments.

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After the flow chart we explicitly showed them benefits of air travel by comparing not only the impact on the traveler’s day but also the environment. By comparing time, speed, cost and fuel efficiency of traveling by plane to that of traveling by train, bus, and car we showed viewers more evidence that flying is the best way for them to get from place to place. These graphs gave our arguments more backing as they showed anyone who was not convinced by our flow chart the statistical benefits of flying over the other methods of transportation.

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By selecting a simple color palate with only as many colors as we absolutely needed we were able to tie our infographic together better and create a clean and professional feel to our whole argument. This clean looks helps build credibility and helps convince more skeptical viewers

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By placing different shadows in our title block and matching the text color to the background of our infographic we are able to give the appearance of the title popping off of the screen. By doing this our title attracts more attention, and hopefully will attract more people who would otherwise scroll past it.


This infographic is helpful to anyone who is not sure how they should get to their destination on their next trip, although our flow chart is biased to flying we recognize that is some cases flying is not the best answer. By understanding the benefits of other forms of transportation we showed that in some cases jumping in the next plane is not the best solution. This allowed us to create a more helpful and more accurate guide to travel, and in turn more effectively help the viewer.




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