How To Survive Ebola 2014


Harrison and Hang

We chose the topic of the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak for our infographic project. It did not take us a long time to decide on this subject; many people are curious about the Ebola virus due to its unclear origins and often-dramatized effects. We decided to put information about things the average citizen should know, starting with a disclaimer of the probability of contraction and a timeline of its most recent flare-up. We focused our timeline specifically on the Ebola virus present in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. It initially originated several decades ago, but its damage has significantly increased in 2014. The timeline of the Ebola virus shows how rapidly it is spreading and affecting other countries. The reported number of human cases in 2014 is larger than cumulative reported cases of Ebola virus from its start to 2013. This timeline is designed to not only show its progress, but the magnitude of its scope in Africa.

We realized that merely listing information about the Ebola virus might not be useful to viewers, so we took another step, developing our infographic by explaining Ebola’s symptoms and what not to do in order to avoid the virus. We recognized that its transmission is different from other common diseases, such as cold or common flu. By demonstrating how to avoid those illnesses, the public can grasp the basic methods of staying clean and disease-free. More people should be warned and not neglect importance of easy prevention of diseases, such as keeping your hands clean.

This infographic is for everyone who heard about the Ebola virus and is concerned about its presence in America. These diseases do not only affect him/herself, but also damages people around. By understanding and practicing simple common methods of prevention, your risk of getting serious illness can go down significantly. Since our topic of infographic is quite familiar to many people, we targeted a wide group of audience, and finding information was not that hard. We gave extra attention to how to organize our information and data. I hope people can increase their awareness in diseases and its prevention by viewing our infographic on Ebola 2014.

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