Why We Shouldn’t Throw Babies

playing with baby


In this article, the infographic and the visualization both play a very important part in conveying a very important idea to the general public.

Let’s start with the visualization. At first glance, we quickly notice that the visualization is a man playing with a baby. More importantly, it would appear to be a general guide on how to play with a baby. We see on the left that simply holding the baby is a gernally accepted action through the relatively “calm” color scheme in the drawing and a big “yes” underlined near the picture. On the right side, however, we see the same man throwing his baby up into the air, with a big, slanted “no” in all caps and all red lettering along with a warning sign. This visual communicates to us that it is ok to hold a baby up in the air but actually throwing it into the air comes with some kind of warning or wrong doing.

Moving on to the actual information, the article states that throwing babies is a very dangerous activity. The baby may be enjoying it, but at such a young age even if you do catch it every time you can still cause the baby some serious health problems attributed to the increased heart rate the baby gets when it is in freefall. The information listed in the article helps explain the reasons behind the visualization. Without the information, we would be left to assume that throwing babies is wrong and we would have absolutely no idea why this is. The picture states an idea, and the information sheds light on the idea introduced in the picture. Without the picture there would be nothing for the information to talk about. Without the information, we’d just have a picture with a vague purpose that we probably wouldn’t be able to pin down for a discussion of any kind.

7 thoughts on “Why We Shouldn’t Throw Babies”

  1. I think that the picture also entices people to read the article. Satirical infographics are often in place as attention grabbers that later direct their focus to a more serious issue. In this instance, that throwing your baby in the air can actually have negative effects on the health of the infant. These infographics serve their purpose as attention grabbers so that articles can shift their focus to important issues.

  2. The picture definitely says a lot about throwing your baby. The image exaggerates the height of the baby being thrown and the big red triangle with an exclamation point is screaming at the user that “This is wrong!”.

  3. Though I do agree that the image is less effective without the information that originally went with it, I think that it still does a good job conveying what the article was getting at: Don’t throw your baby. While the image is plain and simple, it is concise and blatantly clear.

  4. The image did grab my attention, and compel me to read the article. The satirical image starkly contrasts with the serious information given, and that black-and-white aspect of the post is what allured me. In addition, while I did know from common sense that throwing a baby is not exactly the best of practices, I didn’t know the side effects of doing such, so this post did serve its purpose in accompanying the infographic.

  5. The image did a very good job in stating the fact that throwing babies was wrong but looking at only the image did not really explain to me the reason I am not meant to. The nature of the characters in the image kind of created this comical impression on me so at first I though there was going to be some joke behind it but it actually sent a very important message.

  6. I think the picture is an exaggeration of the danger present. The artists is trying to make it clear that throwing your baby is a terrible thing but with a safe father the danger is less present. Some kids enjoy being thrown in the air and becomes a memorable moment of bonding between father and child. I think the picture should establish that it is dangerous but not awful.

  7. I also agree that the picture exaggerates the danger present. One thing I noticed is that the baby being played with incorrectly is thrown so high it is almost off of the image, shown by its overlapping the top line. The exaggeration adds the aspect of humor, which makes the article seem like it would be more interesting to read.

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