Why people use image to convey their ideas? – Andy Kim

Sometimes, images can have much bigger impact than mere words. Writings or words may be the best way to make direct or clear argument. Yet, images are often used as better tools in depicting an idea or thought more indirectly. As a matter of fact, greatest advantage of using image as a tool to convey an idea is its subtleness. Images are different from writing in its way of conveying the underlying theme. Images are able to give multiple interpretations and arguments, thus containing loads of information or idea in concise form.

The picture above is satire of social networking service. This picture directly shows how picture can contain an argument or a claim in so terse form. I bet that anyone can write at least more than a paragraph of the interpretation they have of this picture. The man in the monitor of a laptop signifies how people acts on social media. The red hairband and angry face of this man demonstrates that this man is fighting for some issue. It may be religious, political, or social. Whatever this man is fighting for, he seems intense and aggressive. Yet, the man below the laptop is clearly making contrasting behavior from the man above. This man is hiding in his coat, covering himself and trembling in fear. The picture overall, is mocking how people act overly sensitive in social media.

Of course, this single image can be interpreted in many ways, but I believe that it will have much better impact than its interpretation in words. Visualization of an idea or thoughts have unique power because it shows the non-obvious and speaks in indirect language. It may not be a good tool in making clear point, but it can give more authoritative and persuasive argument.

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