The Tip of the Iceberg: Pictures


I found this book cover on Amazon and it immediately caught my attention. To me, I think that this is a very interesting book cover. Unlike most book covers, this cover has somewhat of a “double title” and the style of the lettering is very unconventional from many other books. The cover of this book is directed towards grabbing the attention of the potential reader with unique styling and visual cues. The title reads “Things to Do and Make in the Fourth Dimension” but it is crossed out by a a scrawly text that serves as a subtitle. Having the actual title crossed out by the subtitle is a very unique method of presenting this information. The scrawly handwriting has a playful nature to it that represents a mathematician’s “sandbox” which is explored in the book. The object constructed by the tape measures is a tesseract which is essentially a 3D representation of a 4D cube. For those that did not know previously what a tesseract is,  the object is interesting just by itself through visual appeal as it is not a common household object that we might see from everyday life. The use of tape measures instead of a regular material such as wood to construct the object once again represents the playful nature of the mathematician’s “sandbox.” I refer to the book as a “sandbox” partly because of the appropriately named title, which suggests that there are many interesting things to do in the 4th dimension which really captures people’s attention and sparks their curiosity in the book. Everything about this book cover is meant to generate curiosity; it’s playful nature just might cause enough interest in people take a second look at the cover and to read through the book itself.

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  1. The cover of this book is extremely eye catching. The 4 dimensional cube made of tape measure segments is an interesting piece in itself and makes me wonder what that would have to do with what’s written inside. The words in script are also very fun and give normally lifeless words like “algorithms” and “numbers” personalities simply by adding adjectives.

  2. The cover definitely had me interested and curious to see what the book was really about. As you put it, it almost seems as if the author was thinking “Ok, lets get this straight, this is what the book is actually about”, thus offering a creative and, almost playful side. Your analysis was very intriguing in the beginning, and I was interested to see what you had to say about the book. However, in the end there was not much more analysis aside from the “playful sandbox” of the author, which became a little repetitive towards the end.

  3. This book cover is a very interesting one. I totally agree with your assertion that the double title is meant to make the book more interesting. By looking at the front cover I wasn’t exactly sure which one explains the the book exactly so I am forced to read the book and find out. The visual concept of this book is amazing

  4. I enjoy the design of this cover; it is unique and adds a delightful flavor to what otherwise may be a rather uninteresting topic. I, too, like the concept of the 4-dimensional Hypercube that is presented with measuring tape in the cover, and how the title of the work wraps around and interrupts itself; it makes you think, or catches your eye, or better yet, captures your attention.

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