The Ease of becoming an Entrepreneur


A visual aid from the magazine Entrepreneur.

Included after an introduction about ways to succeed at being an entrepreneur, the above infographic along with four other infographics were used as suggestions for thriving. The graphic is a lot friendlier to viewers than an article and is more enticing to people who only want to look for a moment. They can choose the pieces of the graphic that would be most useful to them without needing to skim an entire article. Large blocks of text can be extremely off-putting to people in a rush, which most people interested in succeeding in entrepreneurship usually are. The use of minimal words allows for quick skimming which is also aided by having different sizes of text to indicate which phrases contain the most important ideas. This method of conveying ideas using the minimal text also makes the “tips” seem easier to do. It is almost as if it is a checklist, rather than a project or life change needing to be done. The tips are also extremely easy and do not ask much of the reader which also aids in making the changes more manageable.

By having the cartoon of the bedroom, it allows for easier comprehension and remembrance of the information. When given the scenario “getting up early” and a visual of pancakes, it is fairly easy to assume they are suggesting eating a good breakfast without needing to read the caption. Also, when recalling the tips, it is sometimes easier to recall pictures, rather than the important words that were among a sea of other words. The fusion of pictures and minimal words, allows the suggestions to come across clearly and simply, making the tips seem more manageable to integrate into one’s daily life.

4 thoughts on “The Ease of becoming an Entrepreneur”

  1. The little text in the image and the simple imagery do seem to be tailored for people who don’t want to read whole articles about how to be successful and instead just want simple ideas and important information in a simple format.

  2. The title of your post seems a little inconsistent with the rest of what you mentioned in your post. I’m not sure how the ease of becoming an entrepreneur has to do with getting up early in the morning or how infographics present information. However, I agree with you that the use of an infographic greatly increases visual appeal and the infographic makes things very easy to recall and remember. But for example if the author of the original article did not have the technical skills to use a program such as Adobe Illustrator to produce the infographic, I argue that there are alternatives to presenting text in an easy to read manner that is also easy to remember. Using bullet points is a very effective way of simplifying things and they make the important points very clear and very easy to remember. Adding pictures next to this bulleted list may also help. Whichever way the information is presented, it is important to consider what might be the simplest and most effective way to present that information.

  3. I agree that this simplified infographic turns the often hard and undesirable chore of getting out of bed in the morning into an easy check list. By spreading out the minimal words they are able to make the little snippets of text effective and interesting to read rather than a large paragraph we would most likely skim or skip all together. This along with the use of simple graphics make this a very effective and understandable graphic.

  4. This simple infography is useful in giving serious message to its viewers in very pleasant way. All those pictures and tones of writing seems cute in a way, yet the picture is conveying pretty important advice that can be used in our lives.

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