Social Media Sites and Their Average Monthly Usage


This post does a great job showing the more important social media sites at first glance. The purpose of the infographic is to show how many minutes the average user spends on each site over a one month period. Facebook pops out the most just because of the size of its bubble and logo while others have smaller bubbles and take longer to be noticed. It took me several seconds to notice the Google+ bubble at the bottom. This picture’s authority comes from the The Wall Street Journal logo at the bottom right hand side of the frame. The Wall Street Journal is a well-known and well respected news source and adding it to the picture gives it more value. Also, the data was taken from the internet and compiled by comScore which gives the picture a little more authority.

The source of the infographic is an article about how little time Google+ users spend on the site. I actually did not expect this to be the focus of the article, but instead for it to be about how large the Facebook bubble is. The infographic conveys almost all of the information needed to come to the same conclusion as the author of the article. The article explains that Google released a statistic that Google+ has over 90 million users, and 60% of them are active daily. The infographic demonstrates the even if 60% of the users are active, they spend only a few seconds on the site at a time, probably coming from logging into one of Google’s many sites.

4 thoughts on “Social Media Sites and Their Average Monthly Usage”

  1. I agree with the assumption that I though the main focus of the infographic was Facebook and how it seems to be the most popular form of social media. However, it seems to be making the opposite point. While Facebook seems important, the infographic shows how much time the social media page occupies. Google+ is trying to show they are superior by showing they occupy less of your time allowing you to focus on other things that matter more.

  2. It’s interesting to think that the average Google+ user only spends 3 minutes a month on the site. Anyone would think this number should be way higher specially with the infographic coming out in January (right after Christmas)! The article posed a thought at the end whether or not the audience thinks that Google+ will be a forgotten social media website. I’m not sure what the answer to that question is right now.

  3. I really like the simplicity of this infographic, it is easy to understand the data that is being displayed. It is a little scary to think that the average person spends 405 minutes on Facebook yet only 3 minutes on Google+. It’s a little strange because since these are averages that would mean there could be people on Google+ spending only 1 or 2 minutes.

  4. At first sight the image seems to place importance on Facebook as the most popular social networking sight. Because of the size of the Facebook bubble, it appears to be the main topic. It was surprising to figure that the poster was actually discussing the advantage of google plus. Google plus having the smallest bubble makes it look like the unimportant social network but it is the main topic.

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