Popularity of Different Religious Figures



I wanted to look at the change in popularity of different none western religious figures since 1700. At first I tried to compare these results with that of God and Jesus but I found that God and Jesus appeared too much and skewed the graph to make it impossible to see the changes in any of the other figures. Once I had decided with the dates 1700 to 1900 I found the graph that was produced very interesting. I was surprised that the Dalia Lama received so little popularity when compared to the other three since he is the only one of the religious figures that is actually a living person. Then again, he is the head of Tibetan Buddhist which do not have the largest following. I was also surprised to see the Zeus was so popular since his religion is no longer followed. This probably has more to do with the Greek gods’ popularity in pop culture than Zeus actually being written in religious text. I was not sure what to expect with Muhammad since he is of course a very popular Islamic religious name, and in turn many people have been named after him. Most notable, Muhammad Ali which I believe this explains he increase in the mention of Muhammad in the 1950. I was not very surprised when it came to the Buddha’s recent popularity in western culture as it seems I come across more and more quotes from him every year. I believe this data is the most significant of the four since Buddha could not really be misinterpreted as something else by google I shows a true representation of the increase in interest in the Buddha in Western culture. The only word to significantly fall was Zeus from 1900 to 2000 and I believe this had to do with the industrialization of the world and a change in the opinion of people. I think before the 1900’s people looked more to the past and spent time thinking about it, but after the industrial revolution public opinion changed and they spent more time looking to the future and less on the past.

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