National Octopus Day!


In honor of National Octopus Day on October 10th, this infographic on octopuses was created to give viewers some general information about octopuses. Though I found this infographic on google images, the source of the infographic was not too difficult to track. I began by following the image to the website it was taken from. This led me to a daily infographic website. Their article accompanying the infographic was the information on the infographic written in paragraph form. They gave no sources in the article, but there was a source on the infographic. The creator of the infographic included their source of the National Aquarium and a website. On their homepage, I searched for octopuses on their database of animals within the aquarium and found only one variety of octopus: the Giant Pacific Octopus. This link led to an abundance of information about the Giant Pacific Octopus and octopuses in general. It even included the original infographic that I had found on Google images confirming my belief that the National Aquarium had made the infographic.

I also came to the conclusion that the information provided on the website was not taken from alternate sources for two reasons. First, there were no sources listed on the website, and scientific articles and websites usually post their sources to confirm their claims. Secondly, I was exploring their website and found a page of their “experts”. They have experts in multiple fields that would suggest the knowledge was either learned in their studies, or they conducted their own research and were using their own results and observations on the website. My assumptions of scientific protocol for citing sources, and the National Aquarium’s group of experts leads me to believe that this is the original source of the information.

4 thoughts on “National Octopus Day!”

  1. Great job on your blog post! I liked how you picked an infographic with a topic that catches peoples’ eyes. I am also impressed by how deeply you researched the infographic as well as its validity. I don’t know if I would have thought to use the website’s search bar to find information pertaining to the topic of the picture. I like how clear your argument is when it comes to the validity of your infographic; however, I think it may be helpful to refer back more to the infographic you chose. I found myself thinking things like, “Okay, so the aquarium only has information about one kind of octopus….does that mean that the information in the infographic is only about that one kind of octopus, or is it just all incorrect all together?” While I really liked how you talked about how accurate or inaccurate the infographic could potentially be when it came down to its sources, I’m interested to see how some of the specific facts as written in the picture compare to reality. Overall great post!

    1. You make an excellent point about the clarity of the information on the infographic about whether it is about one species or octopuses as a unit. It is my interpretation of the website and the data that the National Aquarium only had one species of octopus in their exhibit, but the infographic refers to octopuses as a whole.

  2. Why do you think the National Aquarium produced this infographic in the first place? That is, does the image have purposes beyond telling people about Octopi?

    1. The reasoning behind the production of this infographic was most likely to raise awareness about National Octopus Day, but could also be for advertising. Since the group that produced this is the National Aquarium, any increase in interest for aquatic animals could lead to an increase in attendance at the aquarium, or an increase in business.

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