Jeff Iliff: One more reason to get a good night’s sleep

Jeff Iliff discusses the scientific reasons behind One more reason to get a good night’s sleep. He speaks with emotion and includes the audience by creating an engaging atmosphere using various methods that can be connected to WOVEN. His main statement in the talk is that sleep is when our brain clears out all of the waste byproduct from a long day. His presentation is well worded to include everyone, even people who know very little about biology. Jeff brings up images throughout the presentation to help paint a clear image of what is taking place as we sleep. He even uses evidence to argue his point through the data from a scientific studying showing the blood vessels of a mouse’s brain while resting versus awake. He includes brief labels on these diagrams to further prevent any confusion with his scientific terminology. While speaking, Jeff maintains a comfortable eye contact that keeps the audience interested in what he is saying. His hand movement is limited- not overwhelming- but just enough to be relaxed. He faces many directions of the audience to engage everyone viewing, not only those who sit directly in front. He also maintains a good pace when moving from image to image. He moves slow enough for the audience to understand his point but not lingering on anything long enough for the audience to become bored.

Looking specifically at the time between 5:01 and 5:11, we see how he transitions from his talking point o the image of the brain of a mouse. His tone is not arrogant when pointing out his personal findings in the research. Instead, he continually uses the word “us” and his voice is the mere awe that matches that of his viewers. Combining visual representations with an interactive speech creates a strong argument and makes for an effective presentation by Jeff Iliff.

6 thoughts on “Jeff Iliff: One more reason to get a good night’s sleep”

  1. This video definitely focuses on a really interesting argument, and I’m impressed at how detailed you were in your evaluation of his speaking techniques and body language. While I think that the speaker did a great job engaging the audience, there were a few parts in his presentation that I found distracting. For example, at some times, he spoke in phrases, and he took a few seconds to pause between these phrases, making it slightly difficult for me to connect them and understand the point he was making. Other than that, however, I think that the presentation was performed really well, and the topic at hand was well discussed.

  2. You did a good job analyzing the presentation of the speaker. There are a lot of hidden things that presenters do that most people do not pick up on. I think to make your analysis better, you could include how each thing the speaker does makes the audience react.

  3. I absolutely love this topic. I didn’t watch all of the video so I will just tell you my thoughts on just the 10 seconds you mentioned. He loves to do the Italian finger thing. I don’t know if it really helped his argument or if he didn’t know where to put his hands. This is just the first impression I got when I saw only the 10 seconds. I think it’s interesting to see what other people’s perspective is on just the part of the video where it is suppose to be analyzed before watching the entire video.

  4. As you mentioned, keeping a good pace and matching flow of his hands with the speech are both symbols of calmness. People tend to trust and listen to the people who are confident, calm and humble. He himself is definitely one of the most authoritative figures in the field. However, he established more authority when he said the word ‘us’. This is a really interesting topic and I think by exploring the effects of background and images used will make your article even more well-rounded.

    1. I didn’t even realize how his calm attitude added to his presentation. It was so subtle and fit in so perfectly with his topic that I didn’t recognize it until you pointed that out. I like how he fit that in to match the topic of his presentation.

  5. I was totally in to this video while I was watching this. Though he uses very interesting topic for his speech, I cannot deny that his speech skills that you listed contributed highly in making my concentration on this video increase greatly. The most impressive ones were his comfortable eye contact and use of gesture. His stable voice and eye contact make him seem not nervous at all, and thus making no disturbance to people listening. Also, the gesture he uses makes the audience to focus more on his speech. Overall, I think you did great job on catching various speech skills he used.

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