Infographic: the electric car initiative

This infographic gives us lots of information regarding electric cars. The map clearly shows the growth over the years in a very clear and concise way that is easy to visualize and understand. When it comes to data that tries to describe the location of things on a map, it’s very hard to find alternatives to present that information other than using an actual map; however, what makes this inforgraphic stand out is the use of colors to distinguish and organize information. The colors used are visually appealing and provide very useful visual cues for when reading or just skimming through the infographic. This infographic uses flat styling to help make it as visually appealing as possible as well as to give it a modernistic touch. This infographic adds tremendous value to the article mainly because it displays information that can only be presented visually: one such example of this are the approximate locations of the charging stations on the map. Even without looking at the numbers presented, it is clear to anybody who even takes a quick glance at this inforgraphic that the number of electric car charging stations has increased over the years. The alternative to the infographic would include stating the numbers and perhaps using a basic map to visualize the locations of the charging stations. With this infographic, a legend of 1 car = 1000 vehicles makes interpreting the numbers even easier; readers can visualize how little 326 plug in hybrids in 2010 is when compared to 38,565 plug in hybrids in 2012. Without the visualization, it’s much harder to imagine the real comparison between these two figures. The greatest advantage of having this infographic is the use of easy-to-interpret visual cues that help people understand and retain the information better. Just numbers without pictures make understanding the general concept harder and the article would not be nearly as effective at its argument.


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  1. I think the main draw to the infographic is that it is extremely visually appealing. As a viewer, I would be much more likely to read this article and absorb the information that goes along with it because of the infographic. Even if the article has all of the information contained in the image, because the infographic displays it in a logical and organized manner, it is easier to retain and understand.

  2. I think the depiction of the number of electric cars as small cars makes the large numbers much more readily comparable to a the typical reader. Our brains have difficulty visualizing large numbers, even in a comparative sense. This can be attributed to the fact that our ancient ancestors didn’t have a particular need to visualize large numbers. As a result, if one was shown a large number of objects and told there were fifty thousand of them, one would likely believe them, even if there were one hundred thousand of them. However people are better at estimating areas, so by replacing the number of electric cars on the road with an actual picture of a car that takes up space, the number is effectively converted to an area that people can process and visualize.

  3. I agree with all of the points you made in analyzing this piece, and like that you pointed out the bit about the modern touch, as I did not immediately recognize that. You covered all of the general aspects of the picture, but I am curious about some of the statements you made. For example, you mentioned that the colors drew attention to the piece and that they played a role, but did not fully delve into the potential effects the colors would have on a viewer. After reading this I am very curious more deeply understand the impact of such subtle details on the mind.

  4. I felt that one of this info graphic’s greatest attributes is its use of color. As you said, they were visually appealing, and if it was represented with more dull colors I don’t think I would have been interested at all. I like how you pointed out that the information would now be easier to retain because the image is easy to interpret.

  5. Brilliant! That’s going to have a fantastic impact! Have been waiting for Australia to get further electric cars, before making any decisions on storage, backup and a suitable EV to add to my solar power system.

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