“Give up, young man.”



The reason why this image catches my eyes is that, as an advertisement, the image is different from the TV advertisement and commercials targeting the vast majority we see every day. In contrast, the targeted audiences of the advertisement are the people who are interested in rock music, Punk culture and the instrument guitar. More importantly, the advertisement aptly shows that Colins Guitar Repair will be a good place to go for people to fix their guitars.

The artist who made the drawing appeals to people’s emotion (pathos) using its unique style of drawing. When I first look at it, the image gives me an overall feeling of gloominess and depression. The person standing in the center and swinging a guitar lowers his head and puts all of his strength onto both his arms. When audiences imagine that the guitar gets broken and smashed into pieces, they will have a sense of relief and satisfaction. However, the Colins Guitar Repair, presented as the pillow on the ground, protects the guitar from breaking. Selecting the black, gray and white colors, the artist sets a depressing tone for the image. In addition, the use of jagged line and the zigzag shadow coming down to our direction gives a feeling of anxiety and pressure. Although we cannot see the face of the person, his movement and his posture reveal that he is probably enduring great anger and mental struggle. The texture of the background has its unique influence on our visual experience too. The wrinkled background conveys a feeling of struggle and rebellion, which helps maximize the overall tone of the image. All of these features describe the feeling the punk are


It’s not hard to find out that the audiences targeted by the image are the people who love Punk culture, guitar and rock music. When we look at the clothing of the person in the image, the leather gauntlet, the leather boots and the studded vest are all implicitly connecting to the Punk culture. A sense of rebellion, the catharsis of unsatisfaction and the outburst of anger are all magnified by looking at what the person is trying to do. However, since the purpose of the image is to advertise for the Colins Guitar Repair, an instrument maintanence company, the attention of audiences are naturally drawn down to the pillow, highlighted by a circle of “white” color around it. In order to emphasize the words on the pillow, the artist prints the black bold words with the contrasting white on the pillow. Also, the name of the company and the address are the only words in the image, the image successfully grabs people’s attention.


When I look into the details an try to figure out what’s the purpose and idea of this advertisement, I start to realize rhetoric is involved in every aspect of our life and this advertisement has done a great job in many different aspects.

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  1. When I first saw this image, I thought it would be a the cover of a novel. The use of gray and the man’s face not showing make it look mysterious. Not showing his face indeed made us imagine his possible frustration, but I also think that the artist did so to draw more attention to the man’s exaggerated body language. I was immediately drawn to what the man was doing and wondered what he was doing, which led me straight to the words at the bottom.

    1. Yes, as you’ve said, the image itself does not look like an advertisement but more like a cover for other things such as a novel. Using the elements from rock music and punk culture, the image connects the potential customers and the repair shop together and that’s what makes the image does a good job on advertising.

      I do think that the purpose of the image is to pull people’s attention onto the pillow. That’s is also why Colin’s Guitar Repair made this image. I should have put more effort onto that and remove some contents that are not necessary to make the article shorter and more focused.

  2. This image definitely doesn’t look like an advertisement at first like you said. I thought it was the cover of a rock album for sure, but then after you admire the nice contrast of colors and the guy about to smash a guitar, you notice the pillow with writing on it in the bottom right hand corner. This image might be an exaggeration of the rhetoric and symbols used in advertisements, but it shows how much advertisements use these kinds of devices in order to capture the type of audience involved. The people who would be needing guitar repairs would probably feel connected to the picture in a way, because it’s a symbol of the type of music they listen to, therefore the advertisement does a good job in reaching out to their future customers. And who doesn’t love a good guitar smash

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