Facebook and Me

I don’t use Facebook or social networking in general much anymore, but I figured for the sake of this assignment I thought it would be a wonderfully fun idea to go through and see everything that I have posted since I made my first social networking account. Let’s get down to business.

For starters, it looks like I was pretty immature as a freshman in high school. To be totally honest, some stuff on my profile from back then I wish I could just go back and delete. For example, many pictures I uploaded about 4 years ago and man posts that I wrote then are either very immature or even just plain don’t make sense. Feel free to have a look for yourself, there’s nothing I can do about but be completely embarrassed down the road right? In addition, I don’t even have to knowingly post something myself in order for it to show up on the internet. All that I have to do is be “tagged” in it and then there it is for all to see! Everyone in the world would most likely see me as a very silly and immature high school student who is now a very silly and immature college student. Not too good of an impression I want to make on a potential employer. If I was an employer and saw a internet profile that looked like mine, I would most certainly be hesitant to hire the person in question.

In addition, I do agree with Ted Chiang’s claim that some memories are best left unremembered. Social networking sites really are becoming to look a lot like the “Remem” he dreamt up in Truth of Fact, Truth of Feeling. Whether we want to remember something the way it is or not, it’s all over the internet to haunt us forever, just as Remem records each and every one of our memories and saves them for all of eternity. Sometimes it can be a blessing, but often times it is a lifelong curse to carry around those unwanted memories.

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  1. As students who recently got out of high school, it was easy for us to have tunnel-vision of just our friends or school. We would easily post things without thinking twice about what our family, future employer, or anyone else for that matter would think about the posts.

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