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Because of the rapid development of technology, humans have experienced a big bang of information. Although admittedly it brings a lot of data we can accumulate, analyze and then utilize, we need to keep a balance between its downsides and benefits. From printing press to computer and some other medias that consistently blow an significant amount of information to us, the development of information technology has gone a long way that our daily life is inevitably intertwined with social networking and medias. Even though technology has caused our concerns in many different ways, we should not ignore the benefits and privilege it gives us.



Cameras and camcorders grant us the privilege to look back into our childhood, recall those important moments in our life and imagine what we would do if we could take the time machine and go through those moments with a much more mature and experienced mind. I love watching the videos taken in the past, because they show what happened with sound, motion and people’s expression. Watching the video of my grandfather and I collecting shells and catching crabs on the beach in my hometown, I always longed for the curiosity I had towards the endless possibilities of nature. I had lost the pure appreciation of life as I grew up and found out the brutal sides of the reality. The video was like an intangible string which linked me back to the past and reminded me to remain thankful for the good things we have. When my grandfather passed away, I was confused and angry about his leaving. He went to a place where I had no clue and nobody would ever share the pure happiness with me of simply finding a shell that has never been seen before again. Life is all about balance. The more time we spend on and love we attach to someone, the more painful it would be to lose him or her. However, as a kid who had no idea about what life is, I had more confusion than sorrow. Without the video, I wouldn’t have been able to revisit my childhood and see my growth throughout these years.


Technology gives me the opportunity to keep my childhood memories and those precious moments. Yes, we cannot ignore the downsides and technology, but as long as we are not abusing the power of technology and become more aware of the things happening around us, we can still keep a balance between technology and our life.


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  1. I definitely agree that technology’s benefits cannot be ignored. Nothing is perfect; virtually everything has some kind of drawbacks, especially when used in excess. Although I accept the part you said about a balance being necessary in our lives, I sometimes feel that we do not necessarily have a choice. Do you ever feel like technology is being forced upon you? As we discussed in class, society as a whole is evolving along with the technology, and it has new expectations of each new generation. For example, frequent topics of conversation between many teens and young adults include their new high-score on the top new iPhone game, what happened on the last season of their favorite show on Netflix, and how many likes they got on their last post on Instagram. Even if I want to distance myself from technology and lean more towards the other side of the scale, it may have the opposite effect I am hoping for and distance me rather than bring me closer to my peers.

    1. That’s an interesting though that removing ourselves from technology might actually inhibit us in social situations. One of the things I talked about in my video blog was how I’ve noticed technology replacing some of my sub verbal communication. For example, if I want to talk to my friend during a lecture, I’ll text him, even if he’s right next to me. Before I had a smartphone, I would have just tried to get my message across with facial expressions and improvised sign language, with varying levels of success. Another example I’ve seen of this is if I want to make a joke to one friend that might offend another, I’ll text it to him. This is definitely an improvement over the methods I would have used previous in situations like this, however in excess it can take over important social skills.

  2. Not trying to create an agreement bandwagon here, but I will say that my views coincide with yours. And to reiterate what was said in class Wednesday, yes, technology has come a long way, and through it we have much greater access to data, knowledge, information and the like than at any other point in human history. But again, relating much to your love of cameras being able to capture the present to be replayed in the future, it is largely the decision of each person as to how integral technology is to their life. As for me, I always have some electronic device in my hands, not because I am antisocial, but I am forging relationships with people across the world, using the latest advancements in technology as my means of doing so. And, like as previously stated, too much technology–or rather, abusing its power–can be a bad thing, but as far as I’m concerned, if we did not have the technologies of the 21st century we take for granted each and every day, such as our laptops and the Internet, would we even be able to write these blog posts and comment on them remotely from the class, wherever we desire?
    Finally, not to sound like a smart-aleck, but without technology, the article, as well as all the blog posts and comments we all read simply would cease to exist, as there would be no “technology” to give creation to such debate.

  3. Your views on the helpfulness of technology is very moving. I think that is the way technology should be used; to better our lives. Technology distracts us and almost interferes with our daily lives and how we live it. Today society does not use technology in a necessary beneficial way or at least over extending its bounds. People will post unnecessary information such when they were at such and such a place. This information is for the most part useless. Almost as unnecessary as posting that you tied your shoes today or were alive. I think technology should be used less extensively than is currently being used. It should be used to capture precious moments not how delicious your coffee was.

  4. I agree that an excessive use of technology can be problematic. However, the main purpose for technology, in my mind, is to be used for the sake of our betterment. A line should be drawn at the point where technology is used to the extent that it takes over our basic human abilities. Humans are made to touch, smell, hear, and think with their own bodies, and to advance technology to the extent where it replaces any of those functions is too far.
    Information technology, on the other hand, has many benefits that people tend to take for granted; it creates the globally connected world we live in today. The “distractions” that people claim it creates are not forced upon them. Each person has always had the individual power to choose whether or not to be a part of the seemingly unimportant information flow that continues everyday online.

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