Is memory-conserving technology only a good thing? – Andy Kim

Sometimes, I just want to go back to my past. Although I realize that all the sweet memory of the past is inflated, I cannot help it. But you cannot really live in your past again, and perhaps that is the key of its sweetness. Today, however, technology made it different. Taking out the memory of the past has become partially possible, thanks to the development of technology. Simplest way of doing so is just visiting your photo album. I frequently visit websites such as Facebook to recall the memory I had with my friends, loved ones, and family. I sometimes look at posts I uploaded years ago and remember how I was when I was young. Many times I feel that such methods are much better than merely recalling the past in my head. Technology has somewhat made possible of the idea of time-traveling by producing a way to visit the past in more lively and vivid ways. Yet, just like dynamites of Novel, the use of technology of taking out your past, unfortunately, have its side effects. In my home South Korea, there are tons of celebrities who were criticized harshly by the posts or videos they had uploaded before their debut. Everybody say or do something crazy when they are young. I also have memory that I want nobody to see. But since photo album or posts on the internet are semi-permanent, there are potential risks that others can find out your mistakes or action of the past. Posts and pictures that you upload right now can backfire you and be used in ways that you do not want it to be. Use of technology can be dangerous as it is sweet.

3 thoughts on “Is memory-conserving technology only a good thing? – Andy Kim”

  1. I always wish I could return to the past but I’m not sure if it is to return to a specific memory or just to be able to live in the simple (relatively problem free) world of childhood. Pictures aren’t always the only way I think of the past. Usually if I smell something that reminds me of my grandmother I feel pretty nostalgic but I also enjoy being able to look back from a new more experienced perspective.

  2. I think Andy brings up a good point. A lot of times people are careless about what they post and are putting onto the internet. This is damaging sometimes when potential employers Google their interviewee and find compromising pictures or inappropriate posts online. So while the internet may be a free forum of expression, people often forget that when they post something online it is there forever for anyone to see. Things that you might have posted about one night out of spite because someone made you angry, could be the reasons you don’t get a second interview in the future.

  3. Technology can be used as a dangerous tool as warned by Andy. I agree with him that it is unfair to these celebrities to be brought up on what can only be described as ridiculous charges. I think this makes posting information about your past dangerous. People can draw from the past and use it against you. What a lot of people dont recognize (and the media uses this to their advantage) is that the past is an entirely different world and even though it shaped the person who you presently are it does not define who you are. The present you is different from the past you and that is because everyone grows, changes, and learns knew things day by day. Everyday we all change a little bit more and more until years from now we will not even be able to recognize ourselves. Technology can help us revisit our past selves and appreciate who were and what we have become, however it should be strongly advised to became what you post on the internet because someone might use it against you later.

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