How your “Digital Life” will Affect your Future

I’ve provided a lot more information online than I think I have. Every picture, every post, every search, and every video you post is recorded to a database and can be accessed. Over time, you create a “digital life log” of yourself, which contains a history of your interactions online. This life log can be harmful if it falls into the wrong hands, however it can also have a positive effect on ones life. The ability to look back on your previous actions can provide an incentive to change and improve your life.

Facebook Timeline

(Facebook‘s Timeline)

An example of a common digital life log is Facebook’s new timeline feature, which allows users to look back to certain dates and see what they’ve posted.  This timeline creates a life log of pictures, status updates, and events that are specific to that user’s life. I have posts on my Facebook that date back to 2008.  I can look back on these posts and see how I was acting or what I was doing on certain days. Just by looking at my Facebook, I can see how much I’ve changed over the past couple of years. By looking back on how dumb I was in middle school, I can see how much I’ve matured since then.

I also enjoy being able to look back on all the great memories I have from high school on Facebook’s timeline. You can relive moments, and interact with friends and family who shared those moments with you. Researchers at UC San Diego and the University of Warwick found that Facebook updates are one and a half times more memorable than reading a book, and two and a half times more memorable than faces. This shows that Facebook users remember a lot of their posts and interactions on the timeline, which enhances their memory in the future. So instead of just looking back on updates and moments, Facebook is actually helping me to remember those great moments.

Digital life logs such as Facebook are becoming a reality in our everyday lives. These life logs help individuals gain a better understanding of their lives and even remember the moments they cherish. People should realize how valuable these technologies are in our lives, and use them to interact and grow.



2 thoughts on “How your “Digital Life” will Affect your Future”

  1. I definitely agree with what you say about these psuedo life-logs being used to see how much we’ve changed over the years; I think it is one of the most underrated uses for them. While the concern for privacy is very real and plausible, I think people should be conscious of what information they make available online as that would eliminate most, if not all, of the threat. Overall, I agree with you in that the technology available to us today can and should be used to help us develop both as individuals and as a people.

  2. It is true that there are both positive and negative aspects in ‘electronic life log’. And i agree that people are so overly concentrated on negative ones of electronic data collection. Data collection of Google and Facebook is truly a revolutionary technology in a way that it alternates the concept of ‘record’ in totally different way from that of the past. I think many people are being too overly critical towards online data collecting technology.

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