Strangely Connected

Until now, I’ve never really thought about all the information about myself that I have put on the internet: where I am, what I’m doing, who I’m with, and even what my goals in life are. If a random person were to dedicatedly follow all three of my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, they’d have quite a detailed lifelog of the past few years of my life. Yet these social networks aren’t the only services that have kept track of my life. Google has all my history, my favorite places to visit, and where I’ve been and what I’ve searched while I’m at those places. My favorite exercise application Strava tracks where, when, and how fast I walk and run throughout my day. Through all these services I’ve inadvertently created a lifelog of my own, which, at the moment, doesn’t seem too interesting or helpful. But I feel like if I were to sign back in on my accounts in twenty or thirty years, these services would actually be of use to me. I’d have pictures and statuses from this period of my life that I most likely would have forgotten about without these programs. They’ll allow me to more easily reminisce on these years of my life without the struggle of solely using my memory.

In my opinion, I think these technologies help our lives. Yes, in the moment they may be distracting us from homework and also as a kind of popularity contest, but posting these pictures and statuses over time begins a lifelog that can be useful to us in the future where we can learn from our well-documented pasts. Not only will it help us remember the good times in our life, but also learn from the mistakes that we made in order to not recreate them as an adult. And who doesn’t want a picture with hundreds of likes!?

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  1. I am tempted to tweak what you said from “these technologies help our lives” to “these technologies CAN help our lives”. Anyone can misuse these technologies to the point where they are doing much more harm than good. For example, social media, as you said, can help us document our past and hold on to memories we cherish; however, how many peoples lives are becoming engulfed in doing so? I went to the Pearl Harbor museum at the beginning of the summer, and a majority of the people I saw were much more interested in taking pictures with the artifacts than in appreciating their historical value. Nowadays, when you stand at a bus stop, everyone tends to be on his or her phone rather than talking to the other people waiting. Some people have social media that could tell you more about them than they ever could. When people begin to lose touch with the real world because they are so devoted to social media is when technology becomes a real problem.

  2. Yes I would love a picture with a hundred likes!!!!!
    I also have never thought about the information I put about myself online. Looking at my Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts I can recreate a lot of events that have happened in my life like my prom, graduation, first day of high school, and so many other important events that have happened in my life. It is also very important that i keep such logs so that in the next 30 to 40 years I can share such experiences with not only myself but the people around me.

  3. I do realize that just by accessing the Internet, I am leaving a trail of crumbs Google, Facebook and such can trace to see what all I do with my life online. In some ways, yes, the Internet records this things and brings forth waves of nostalgia for certain events, such as Facebook posts about a family member’s birthday party, or something, but this lifelogging also records the mistakes I’ve made. I can call upon the logging to not only revisit the good times of the past, but to point out the error’s I’ve made, and how I can grow from them as a person. However, I will not live in the past; I merely plan on giving it a nod and moving on.

  4. I usually disprove of social media such as twitter or Facebook because it feels like it is a waste of time that inhibits actual human interaction. However, I do like having pictures to look back on and remember my life. This past month I was looking back through my journal in the past month remembering my times as a senior. I had written stuff about my friends and fun nights, and even school stress and personal problems, but I actually enjoyed thinking back on it. I have saved movie tickets because I want to be able to look back on the movies I saw and possibly the people I saw them with. This aspect of social media I appreciate, however my distaste of my entire life being online for public viewing is still very present. Also, though social media is helpful for personal reminiscing, but on a large scale I don’t think they hold much weight. It might be useful to look back on society’s viewpoints during social issues, but it should not be used for historical purposes. It is not reliable enough to be used as a formal documentation of history.

  5. I have never thought about how useful all of what I am actively and passively doing on social media sites will be to me in the future. Though, I think it is a little uncomfortable to have all of that information out there, I know I will be glad to have all of it when I am older. I think the weirdest thing will be that my children will be able to learn all about my life just by going on the internet. If I wanted to learn all about my parents’ lives in the great amount of detail that is stored online for me, I would probably have to listen to them talk for days at a time, assuming they remember everything.

  6. I really liked how you focused on the future of our posts today and how we will look back on them in a certain amount of years to find them beneficial. I do think that in the moment, it can be strange or unnerving to think about how many people can see your statuses or who might be keeping up with your life that you’re unaware of, but when you put it in the perspective of my future self, I could easily see how it would be beneficial. I would enjoy looking back on past documentations of my life and being able to bring back memories and emotions from it. Not only are we looking back on journal entries or something of the such, but we can now use pictures or videos to enhance our memories or more easily relate to our past selves and how we were feeling in a certain moment based on the facial expression that we see ourselves making.

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