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I’ve been thinking of getting a new phone these days but with a college budget I don’t think its going to happen. So I wanted to see the different cultural effects of phone companies in Europe and the United States. I have all of the major phone companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry. The pictures go in order from top to bottom as English, French, German. I predicted that in English Apple would be the highest. Apple doesn’t only pertain to Apple products though. It also contains actual red apples or maybe yellow ones so the word apple doesn’t just include iPhones but fruits too that’s why the graphs are skewed. In French, Sony has the lead. In German, LG has the lead. These make sense because Sony and LG are big company names that can’t be misled to think it’s a fruit. This could mean that Sony has a firm grip of product popularity in France or maybe the French like criticizing Sony so much that they had to write about it in books. Same goes for Germany and LG products. In both French and German, Apple came in second.  We can’t give apple fruits the entire credit for being so high though. There is some credit due to Apple, the company. They are one of the biggest technology company ever. They will continue to lead the revolution of Apple products taking over the world. Honestly, I was rooting for Samsung and was really bummed that they didn’t really make a dent in the word count, so word count doesn’t equal good popularity.

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  1. I find it interesting how LG is one of the leaders in Europe. I tend to think of Apple as a leader in the industry just because of the media and advertising it has here in the US. I wonder if Apple’s popularity is increasing at the same rate as Androids now. Although Apple products are more popular now, I noticed that their new features are not advancing as quickly anymore. Meanwhile Google’s phones seem to continue improving and advancing. I wonder if you were to look at the trends for the past 12 months if Google looks like its popularity will overtake Apple?

  2. I don’t think the graphs are that skewed. If you want to fix the skew I think you can simply move the line down so that the line before 1970 touches the bottom of the graph. Apple the fruit probably hasn’t gained or lost much popularity over the years so any prominent upward trends can be given thanks to Apple the company. Apple has an insanely huge fan base and attractive quality. They are so big that they tend to out shine their possibly better or if not even competitors. The popularity of Apple I believe comes from their origin story as well as their marketing techniques.

  3. It is good that you pointed out that the word apple, in referring to the fruit, could have skewed the graph. However, it you benefit you to explain the spikes such as the one that Apple experienced around the time that the company grew. I feel as though you sort of wandered throughout this piece of writing and did not focus on any specific topic. Doing so would help your writing become more focused and powerful. If you are going to talk about the company and its relations to other companies for example, try to examine how they stand in terms of smartphone domination today. I would even try to tie this to your original opening about you wanting a new smartphone.
    There are trends in these graphs that I think are great to talk about. Although your claims about Apply were true, the trends could easily show that the company was growing in popularity.

    1. Thanks for the insight on my writing! I tried to talk about the cultural effects of the different countries for the many phone companies. I guess I should have talked about the relations of the phone companies like you said. I didn’t delve too deep because I thought the graphs were sort of self explanatory but next time I will. I liked the idea of tying my writing together with what I started but I guess I just didn’t think about it. I don’t really get what your last statement is talking about so what I was trying to say is that Apple still has a firm hold on the market for anything Apple related and other companies still has a ways to go but the closest runner up would have to be Samsung. Go SAMSUNG! FIGHTING!

  4. I didn’t realized Apple was not as popular as other brands in Europe until I see the Ngram. However, it is still surprising how Apple has gained popularity through the decade. Since I’m from China, I would say that Apple and Samsung are the two most popular phone brands in China and they are competing for the market. HTC and other phone companies are not as popular. Most of the time we just don’t say or write their brand name in English so if you do the Ngram for China in English, that may not show the result reflecting on the true situation.

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