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Where’s the Syllabus?

Last Friday, many students mentioned in their feedback that the blog was hard to navigate, that it was hard to find communications from me in the midst of all the student posts. To remedy this situation, I’ve moved course-wide communications to a centralized blog, with a new, related URL: Student posts will still live on individual section sites, but course-wide communications from me, including schedule information and prompts, will be located on the main site. By having one centralized site, the distinctions between instructor communications and student work should be easier to discern.


Each Sunday, I’ll post a preview of the week ahead to the main site.

Your username applies only to your individual section site, but the comments sections are open throughout the main site—so feel free to ask questions, whether you attach your name to them or post anonymously.

To get to the main site from this page at any time, use the link in the upper left-hand corner. Corresponding links on the main site will take you to the individual section blogs.


Welcome to ENGL 1101

Welcome to ENGL 1101, “Data, Information, and Culture.” You’ll find our syllabus via the links in the upper-right-hand corner of this page, divided into four sections:

You should read all of these sections, including the links to program-wide policies, before class on Wednesday, August 20. Once you have done so, please print and sign this acknowledgement of your understanding of the course’s policies.

On the first day of class, we’ll think briefly about this video, which Nature presented under this headline: “Humanity’s cultural history captured in 5-minute film.”

As you watch, think about what this video is actually showing us. Does it actually “capture” “humanity’s cultural history”? What are the advantages of displaying information this way? What are the disadvantages? What does this video leave out? This first discussion will begin a conversation about data, information, and culture that will continue throughout the semester.