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How music genres reflect the times

Music has long been imbedded into American Society and prevails to this very day. It is heard and adored around the country and it is reflective of the society’s interests. Popular songs are simply a result of a multitude of people enjoying and promoting a song by means of ratings and purchases. Based on this principle, it leads one to believe the idea that the general mood of the country, as well as prominent events, is reflective of the popular songs during that time.

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Pecha Kucha Presentation


It had always raised my curiosity why news stations where so bias to one political party as opposed to another. For the longest time I had shown little or no interest in politics in general, mainly due to the fact that I would be unable to affect it being that I was under the legal age to even vote. Since that time, now I can vote and it is important for me to know this information. So I thought what better than to search for and gain a better understanding of the political world. My new found interest in politics lead me to the idea about the bias of the news stations. This seemed like a perfect introduction into the political world since most everyone uses the news networks to bet their political information.

At the beginning of the project I was a little intimidated at the fact that I would have to speak for six minutes and forty seconds, however it turned out to be easier than I thought. In order to prepare for the project I wrote out a script so say along with the slides I was presenting as I started to time myself I realized that I needed only to say about two to three sentences per slide which is not too difficult to accomplish.


I chose my slides based on the information I was presenting. I chose key words or phrase in my speech to correspond with what my audience was hearing. Some of the pictures I had chosen used word play for example in slide ten. I stated that “segments run by opinionated hosts” and the picture I posted a picture of a running woman. In addition the sponge soaking water gave the audience a picture of water being soaked up by the sponge. This image was to go along with the words, “The media is run by the bias that permeates it.” So just like water permeates a sponge, bias permeates media.




The final slide was needed to create a summation of the entire presentation. Since the final slide was needed to represent the entire presentation, it was therefore the most important of all the slides. For this picture I choose a nice friendly picture of a group of presumably businessmen and woman all shaking hands. The businessmen are representative of the cable news networks. I chose this picture due to the fact that it resembles a friendly and trustworthy attitude.

Life begins at conception?

One of the major controversies at hand in America is the argument of when life begins. This issue has plagued american society for many years and the american people are very divided upon this issue. One of the many papers written about this controversy is “Life Begins at the Beginning” by Dr. Fritz Baumgartner, MD (1).

Upon searching for further information about the veracity of this article in its goal to establish that Life begins at conception, I found several articles that support the idea posted in this website. The website itself states several very heated reasons why the idea that life begins at conception is the correct view. The article itself poses a  one sided and heated explanation of why Dr. Fritz Baumgartner is correct and other scientist are wrong. Based on the bias of the author it seems that the sight may not be trusted. This is because some bias and heated statements are not supported by factual evidence. This can be seen used in cases where the heated author is lacking evidence and lashes out at their opponent as a defense. However, upon further investigation of the website and its resources this is not the case. At the end of the article, Dr. Baumgartner’s education and work history is posted to add veracity to the heated author’s claims. In addition the article contains other resources that authors claims such as the article “Scientist attest to life beginning at Conception” by Randy Alcorn (2). In this article Alcorn lists off the names of prominent scientist with research history who all have shared ideas about when life begins.

The article “Life Begins at the Beginning” is support well and even though it is slightly heated the its resources are trustworthy.



1984 Propaganda

1984 Propaganda

This image in an artists illustration of what propaganda from INGSOC would most likely have looked like in George Orwell’s 1984.

The book itself acts as a warning to government take over. It was written in the 1960’s as communism was on the rise. However the image above refers to the text itself not the message it conveys to the reader. This artist depicts a poster that Ministry of Truth would have very likely used to control the populace. Anyone who sees this poster will first be struck with large heading that pops out from the dark red backdrop. By using large block letters, the words gain an impression of power and forcefulness as if they should be obeyed. “CRIMESTOP!” establishes an idea that everyone should be obeying and that is stop performing crimes. The smaller black lettering below it immediate addresses the understood question ‘How?’ raised by the decree of “CRIMESTOP!”. By putting these too statements immediately following each other, It doesn’t give the reader of the poster time to question the above statement. Instead it tells the reader what the answer of ‘How?’ so that the reader doesn’t have to think of an answer on his/her own. The poster puts ideas into the readers head to make sure that the reader won’t come up with answer him/herself. This helps the poster’s meaning gain influence over the reader and essentially attempt to make the reader become dependent on the ministry to tell them what the answers are to any question. By analyzing these four words and the way they are presented, it is possible to establish what the ministry behind the poster is trying to establish.

In addition to the most important idea of the poster, there are pictures that support the words with good sensations. Without the pictures the words would sound extremely authoritative  and demanding but the pictures of people smiling and the man proudly holding the flag of INGSOC support the authoritative words above. They make the words more trust worthy because the people in the poster seem to be happy when trusting the words too.

“Big Data” Good or Bad?

“Big Data” is inherently neither good nor bad. It is simply a tool. Imagine for example that the whole idea of “Big Data” in the embodiment of a hammer. Now hammers are intended to be use to be build things. They are used to aid people in the construction of any toy car or magnificent skyscraper. Hammers are used everyday to make life simpler for those who do not posses steel fists. However, as anyone can imagine hammers can be used for in negative ways. Ways that can be destructive and negative to society as whole.

Big Data is helpful tool that should be embraced by society despite its negatives. Even though its resources are shared throughout the world, these resources help save lives and can curb dangers in society. Big Data helps get news across the globe in a way that no other process can. The most important use for this “Big Data” can arguable be said to that it expedites the transfer and acquisition of data. In a world the size of this one, speed can only help. The most obvious example from this comes straight from the text. The H1N1 scare was acclaimed to be a 2nd spanish flu, however, it was put down rather swiftly and efficiently thanks to the help of Google. Google’s ability to amass terabytes of data provided the resources that allowed the CDC to quickly and efficiently terminate the further spreading of this new influenza.

One should always keep in mind that there are those who use “Big Data” for selfish purposes. This is has always been the case with new technologies in the past and will always be a problem in the future. It is incredibly difficult to curd human nature but with enough effort it is possible to curb it to a reasonable level. Since these selfish people can be controlled “Big Data” should be seen as a tool for constructive purposes.

Response to Ted Chiang’s “The Truth of fact, the Truth of feeling”

My name is Matthew Sharpe and my video is a response to the prompt: How does the story influence your reflections about ways technology mediates relationships



I chose the prompt for my video based on what most strongly affected me from the list of prompts provided.  I attempted to include references to the story and personal reasoning to support my argument. This included subjects that I found most important to note and are not necessarily all of the points I could have made in my defense of my position. I am happy with the quality of the video, even though more time would have definitely aided me in making this video the best it possibly could be. However, I understand that this is most always the case so I cannot complain.

Posting a video is more difficult (in my opinion) than posting an essay. In a video if you mess up, stutter, ramble, or even curse the video  is for the large part ruined and one must redo the entire video from the video. In an essa

The most challenging thing about this assignment was figuring out what to say and how to say it. Finding my position was easy; defending my position eloquently was difficult and I do not believe I achieved the best that I could have. Regardless, I am satisfied with the result of my work.