Week of 10/5

This week, we’ll continue working toward our pecha-kucha presentations and longer multimodal essays as we continue pursuing our discussion of surveillance, transparency, and leaks in the era of big data. Prompts for the week’s short blog posts can be located here.

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Monday, October 6

We’ll begin class with another sample pecha-kucha presentation. Then, we’ll spend some time thinking about oral presentation techniques—read the WOVENText chapter on oral communication in advance of class, and come prepared with questions. In the second half of class, we’ll worked to refine topics for the longer multimodal blog essay.

Wednesday, October 8

We’ll devote today to an extended discussion of surveillance, transparency, and mass leaks. We’ll think about the Assange reading we did last week and the Snowden material we’ll read this week. If you wrote a reading-response post that introduces a resource related to either Assange or Snowden, come to class prepared to discuss it.

Friday, October 10

Today, you should bring a significant portion of your pecha-kucha script, talking points, or outline. I won’t expect you to have full drafts finished, but you should bring evidence of significant work already done. We’ll devote most of the day to workshopping these scripts.

Potentially Interesting Links/Resources

Screenshot 2014-10-05 10.12.06

  • An infographic about the variety of ways of displaying information in charts and graphs.



  • A data-heavy argument that the idea of the “Freshman 15” is a myth.
  • An article about controversial new features Apple has built into iPhones that lock the NSA and other government agencies out. The headline announces a “Post-Snowden Era” in which companies seek to protect consumers’ privacy rights.

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