Week of 10/27

This week, we’ll finish up the pecha-kucha presentations and begin thinking about the end of the semester. We’ll look toward wrapping up the blog assignment, beginning our discussion of data in the humanities, and planning for final portfolios. Screenshot 2014-10-27 08.09.33

Monday, October 27

We’ll continue with a full schedule of pecha-kucha presentations.

Wednesday, October 29

In sections A and J1, we’ll have one pecha-kucha presentation. Then, we’ll move on to a discussion of the end of the semester. First, we’ll go over guidelines for the final portfolios. Next, we’ll talk about wrapping up the blog assignment (which will be finished after the next round of posts and comments, in the weeks of 11/3 and 11/10. Then, I’ll briefly preview the infographic/visualization assignment, which we’ll begin working on in earnest next week.

Friday, October 31

Today marks the final round of pecha-kucha presentations.


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