How to link

As I mentioned in class today, it’s rare to see blog posts on the web in which an author includes a lot of URLs—instead, they use links. The actual HTML of a link looks like this:

<a href=””>Google</a>

The “a” stands for “anchor.” If you’re used to linking this way, you can do so using the “Text” editor in the upper-right hand corner of the composition window.


The more intuitive, easier way, though, is to use the graphical interface on the “Visual” side. There are two icons in the bar above the composition pane that look like this:


The one on the left creates a link, and the one on the right removes a link. They’re grayed out in this photo, but they become solid when you select some text. Once you do so, hit the link button, and you’ll get this dialog box:


For the most part, you only need to worry about the “URL” section of this box. Add the URL to the page you’re trying to link to, click “Add Link,” and you’ll have a link in your text.

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