Ted Chiang Video Response


The Assignment

Create a video (60-90 seconds) in which you address one of the following questions about your understanding and interpretation of Ted Chiang’s short story, “The Truth of Fact, The Truth of Feeling.”

  • What does the story tell you about your own relationship with technology?
  • In what ways does the story influence your plans to use technology in a positive way?
  • How does the story influence your reflections about ways technology mediates your relationships?
  • How does the story influence how you portray yourself online?

Specific details follow.


To record your video, use an easily-accessible technology: your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with webcam and mic (you can also borrow a friend’s or classmate’s). Georgia Tech also makes other resources available to you, including the following:

  • The Presentation Rehearsal Studios in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Center, in which you are able to record yourself and send a link to the video to yourself.
  • The library’s gadget-lending service, from which you can check out a range of equipment, including laptops, tablets, and cameras.

You may choose to lightly edit your video after you have recorded it, but doing so is not necessary to successfully complete the assignment.


Imagine your audience as other first-year students at Georgia Tech and other faculty members, all of whom will have already read the story. You will have a real audience in your instructor and in the other students in this class.


To plan your video, you should create a script, or at least a series of talking points. For most people, a half-page double-spaced paragraph is equivalent to about one minute of talk.

As you plan, think about the story. What was interesting? Provocative? Distressing? Surprising? You want to say something that matters, that others will be interested in listening to.


Do not just wing it. Your first recording will probably not be your final take. Rehearse your video, perhaps 5-10 times.


If you have a Google/YouTube account, the easiest way to submit your video will be to upload it to YouTube and link to it on the blog. If you include a link in a blog post, WordPress will automatically embed it in that post. If you wish to keep your video anonymous to the public at large, you may change your YouTube privacy settings to private and share the video to the class list, which I’ll supply.

Your video should be posted to the blog by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, August 24. Set the category of your post to “Video Responses,” and add relevant tags before you post it.


During class on Monday, we’ll reflect on the choices that went into your video. Your reflection will be appended to post in which you posted your video.


This assignment is worth 5% of your final grade. It will be assessed using the Writing and Communication Program’s common rubric.

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