Blog Self-Assessment and Reflection

The course blog has been a semester-long assignment. In your blog self-assessment, you’ll revise an earlier blog post, highlight your best work on the blog, and show evidence of active engagement in conversations in the comments section.

Your blog self-assessment should be turned in as a Word document. Material from this self-assessment will be useful to you as you prepare your final portfolio.

The Word document should comprise several sections:

Summary (~50 words)

First, you should include a summary of your blog activity. Did you complete all five blog posts? How many experiential posts did you do, and how many reading-response posts? How many comments did you post during the semester? Be clear about quantities–you might have trouble counting your comments, but be honest about the extent to which you completed the stated requirements.

Revised Post (link + 100-200 words)

You should revise one of your prior posts and update the original post with that revision. Link to this revised post, and explain clearly why you made at least two of the changes you made to the document. Justify the ways your revision is stronger than the original.

Two Other Posts (links + 100 words for each link)

Link to 2 other posts that represent your best written work on the blog. For each of these links, explain briefly why you are proud of the post in question. What aspects of these posts distinguishes them as particularly strong, and what aspects of the writing process made you interested in them?

Comments Sections (~250 words total, excluding screenshots)

Reflect briefly on the commenting process. When did it work, and when did it feel like a rote requirement? Did comments you received on your posts help your thinking on the topic at hand? What characterized the most valuable comments you gave and received?

After you have answered these questions, include three screenshots of comments sections and describe how they characterize you as a commenter on the blog. Include at least one comment in which you, the author of the original post, are responding to a comment on your post. How did you use the comments sections? What makes your comments valuable to the writer at hand and to the class at large?

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