Peer Feedback Assignment

This Friday, you’ll email a complete rough draft of your longer multimodal essay to two of your peers—and you’ll receive rough drafts from two of your peers. By next Wednesday, October 29, at 11:59 p.m., you should email those two peers with clear, useful feedback on their drafts. Please be sure to include me in all email threads related to this assignment.

In the emails to your peers, you should:

  • Briefly describe your understanding of the essay’s argument and paraphrase the claim of the essay. If the claim has major issues—if it’s not contestable, for example, or supportable with evidence—politely point out those issues.
  • Identify at least one place in the essay where you see room for disagreement with the author or complication/qualification of a point. Do any observations/points of analysis in the essay feel incomplete? Are there any holes in the argument?
  • Briefly point out two strengths of the essay
  • Clearly and directly describe TWO ways the author might improve the essay in revision. If the point of improvement occurs throughout the essay, cite one example of the trend from the essay’s text.

I will email class rosters, with email addresses, on 10/22. The two students you are responsible for responding to will be the two students below you on that list (if you’re at the bottom of the list, circle back around to the top).

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