New, (Hopefully) Simpler Site Setup

In the student feedback I gathered on September 26, one recurring theme was that some students found the course blog hard to navigate, and I realized that I agreed. I realize now that it was hard for students to locate communications from me amid all the student posts. So I’ve set up another blog on which I’ll post syllabus content, assignment prompts, and other content from me. Since I’ll only have to update one site, this will also be a great place for me to answer questions about prompts—just use the comments section for each prompt’s page. Each weekend, I’ll post an update clarifying what needs to be done to prepare for class in the week ahead.

To switch back and forth between this main site and each section’s individual site, use the appropriate link in the upper-left-hand corner of the page:



You can easily navigate back to this main page from roughly the same spot on your individual’s section’s page:


The syllabus, including the full schedule, has been moved to this site. I’ve moved individual assignment prompts to pages here, too, and they can be accessed using the menu in the top bar:


Hopefully, putting these prompts in a more centralized place will make them easier to access. I’ve also attempted to eliminate some extraneous clutter on the section blogs. My hope is that the cleaned-up interface will make the site(s) more usable.

If you have a question about an assignment, please ask it on the blog, even if you do so anonymously. Below each assignment prompt, you’ll see a place for name, email, etc…. but you don’t even need to fill those out if you don’t want to. I prefer that you ask questions here so other students can benefit from the response:

Screenshot 2014-09-26 17.21.42

Screenshot 2014-09-26 17.29.24

I will do my best to respond to questions in a timely manner. If you have any questions about the new blog setup, please feel free to ask them here, in the comments section.

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